Sep 22, 2020

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Popular fuel station in Port Harcourt goes on flame

There is currently fire outbreak at Iwofe area of Port Harcourt after a popular fuel station went on flame this morning.

The fire outbreak which started this morning at the fuel station belonging to popular AP fuel station has destroyed section of the property especially, their selling meter.

According to the video shared on social media by BelieveAll PH on Twitter, the fuel station was seen empty with only a car in the premises but the car was not on flame.
At the time of filling this report, there is no fire fighter equipment on site, though the management of the property were trying to use fore extinguisher to fire the fire but the fire is beyond extinguisher.

When contacted, someone who was at the fuel station during the time of the fire outbreak said the reason for the outbreak is yet unknown but said investigation is ongoing to ascertain the reason for the fire outbreak on the popular fuel station.

Stay tune on this page for more update on this story as we are monitoring the incident.


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