Sep 3, 2020

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Mother loses 9 year old daughter after applying sniper on her head in Rivers

Motter has lost her 9-year-old daughter in after she put sniper in her hair to kill lice in Rivers State. BelieveSpot gathered.

The incident happened in Port Harcourt City of the State according to the information on Nigeria Info, Rivers State based radio state.

A Pediatrician, Gloria Nwosu while advising mothers against harmful practices told our correspondent that the woman followed the advice of her hairstylist and put the sniper in the hair of her two daughters, aged nine and four.

She said while the nine-year-old girl convulsed for hours and died, doctors at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital were able to save the four-year-old.

This is a warning to everyone who uses sniper on the head to kill lice.

The pediatrician warn that such actions can be harmful and deadly. She advised that women should learn to wash their head constantly and avoid the use of sniper on their head.


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