Jul 15, 2020

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The Vice President of this great nation is using an android phone. - Reactions as Prof. Osinbajo celebrates wife

Social media has become where individuals reacts to almost everything they see without a show of respect to the personality involved.

The latest being a social media User to strolled the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo today on Twitter after the number two Citizen of Nigeria had wished his beautiful wife a happy birthday.

Rather than joining to celebrate Mrs Osinbajo, all a Twitter User could do was to troll the Vice President for using android phone to tweet.

In a comment by a follower with username, Chlorine NIRA mine said, "The Vice President of this great nation is using an android phone. IPhone users just lost a major point in this battle for supremacy. Now I can use my TECNO phone in peace. Nobody can make me feel less because I use an android phone. Happy Birthday Mrs Osinbaj."

Though his reply didn't go unnoticed as another Follower pointed out that Prof. Osinbajo have a handler who manages his Twitter page.

Asides from that, other Followers are wishing Mrs Osinbajo a happy birthday, praying that God be with her.

All though, another Follower who seem not to happy with the happenings in the country said; "I hope you know millions of Nigerians are suffering everyday cause they trusted and voted you guys, just know that your extended family is not as happy as your immediate family."


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