May 25, 2020

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3 other types of money you should have

3 other types of money you should have
By: Olumati Isaiah

A few days ago I had quite an experience, speaking with some lady at her job and part of her constellation at the point was how she was going to generate necessary capital for her intended business.

This kind of challenge is not new to me. I get people all the time complain about the possibility of having a form of capital and majority of the time they are talking legal tender. Legal tender as you know is what is generally referred to as money; Naira, Pounds, Dollars, Euros name them.

I listened to her ever so delicately and then I said to her, part of what you must understand is that there are several forms of money and Naira, pounds, dollars, and euros as in were are basically just a form of money which is recognised legally by government of Nations. However there are other forms of currencies that is recognised by this system. Though it might come across as intangible, but they really Powerful when engaged.

If money as legal tender is all you consistently seek, tendencies are, that you may never be able to transcend your limitation at several levels.

There are several types of capitals for those seeking to have capital of some sort depending on what business you are going into and to what direction you are going in for especially if you are starting a small business and needing to booth strap.

In the next few texts, I will examine, three of the most important kinds of capital you will ever need and if you are able to work through and with these three, you will do amazing things in a matter of time and then money as a legal tender will be a plus to drive your aspiration to the levels that you project for yourself.

1. Thinking capital; One of the most interesting phrase I ever read my life says "thoughts are things". The Bible says, as a man thinks in his heart so he is. I like to say, thoughts and thinking is currency.

Your ability to think, stands in as necessary capital. In your thinking is the seat of your strategy and strategy is more important than money. This is because you can have money and lose it outside critically, well-considered strategy and you may not have money but be able through strategy to create the availability of money. What sustains money investment is not money itself but strategy. This point to the fact that strategy is very important and has suprendency and is more capacious than Money. Effective strategy, is a product of quality thinking.

So the big question for you now is what and how are you thinking? What is your investment in terms of the quality of thinking that you have?

2. People capital; People are kind of currency. People make for one of the surest and strongest possible way of exchanging value and even recommendation. Any man who has surrounded himself with quality people has surrounded himself with capital.

It is important that we learn to surround ourselves with people. More importantly, is that we surround ourselves with people who have experience, wisdom, integrity and Influence.

Having people with these qualities mentioned above is having capital.

One of the rules for having this kind of capital is to consciously build a relationship with the needed people before you have need for them.

3. Reputation capital; This has to do with self. Ever heard the phrase that says a good name is better than silver or gold?
That good name exemplifies what reputation capital is all about.

Sometimes all you need for the necessary exchange will be in your reputation over the years. It matters that you are building credible reputation every step of the way. People are willing to give you a chance if your reputation is intact.


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