Apr 21, 2020

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'Stop causing dent on my brand else I mày use legal actions against you.' NoLimit Music Boss warn Social Media Practitioners

Mr. Kingsley Anu, the Chief Executive of No Limit Entertainment/Record Label has taken a stroke on Bloggers and Social Media Promoters who feed on "running down Artistes" that are been invested on.

He encouraged media Practitioners to be positive in their publications.

According to him; "if you are hungry, seek assistance than putting up trash as PR for me."

In the tweets made by Mr Anu,  he said; "It's high time PH Bloggers and social media promoters learn to stay positive in their publications... It's not good to see them run down Artiste that are been invested on.

" How many of them can spend their hard earned money on any artiste in PH... Ordinarily the city lacks investors.

"Instead of to support and encourage all we get is insult and dent on brands.

" This is bad and should be put to stop with immediate effect.

"If you are hungry seek assistance than putting up trash as PR for me.

" I may use legal action to reply the next offender."

This is coming after his lead artiste, GThree Mayami was reported to have impregnated a 17 year old girl, which led the girl been hospitalised as at Sunday when the news broke.


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