Mar 2, 2020

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Jaja Jasper reveals what you must ask your visitors before they visit you

Nigerian writer, Jaja Jasper has taken to the social media to advice her followers on what to do before welcoming a visitor into their homes.

Jaja through his Twitter account, @JajaPhD said before you welcome  a visitor, first inquire of her health conditions and her allergies.

According to him: "Brothers, before the babe that you invited visits you, make sure you ask her about any medical or health conditions she has. Also ask about allergies. The last thing you want is for someone to experience a medical emergency when you least expect it.

"When I was in Abuja and welcomed anyone who needed a place to stay while visiting the city, I always asked them about their health. I'd even specifically ask about asthma because I smoke once once.

"Don't put yourself in a position of 'had I known'." He concluded.


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