Mar 14, 2020

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'I was hated, beaten and starved on several times' - Comedian KOBaba shares heart-touching story ahead of his event

'I was hated, beaten and starved on several times' - Comedian KOBaba shares heat-touching story ahead of his event
KOBaba, a Nigerian Comedian has shared his early life ordeal in the hands of his Uncle's wife.
The ace comedian in the post he made on social media narrated how his "strict" Uncle's wife "hated, beaten and starved on several times" though he said he can't call her a wicked person but according to him, his unnamed Uncle's wife hated him.

In his post on Facebook, he said; "I was born in Port Harcourt, later left for Calabar by my Uncle request, I call those years brutal years. I live with my uncle who had an inconsiderate and strict wife that was very hostile to me. I don't call her wicked but I know I was hated, beaten and starved on several times and I had to still do lots of work. I remember passed through a particular restaurant to eat left over food one day, thanks to some good neighbours who came to my rescue some other time.

"My uncle's wife didn't liked me but others did.

"There are stories about my upbringing that I can hardly share and but you won't believe that amongst the children in our compound back then, I was the groove of the moment on several occasions. I was still that boy that made people laugh with my spontaneous and funny reactions on daily occasions. I looked back at those years but I thank my mum who got a complain from a source and brought me back. I came back to Port Harcourt and the process shaped me into being an entertainer, look at me now naaa, I live my life making those happy and comedy as a job complements that reality

"Port Harcourt brought ups and down, but this city has favored me. I have bond and am attached to it in many ways. Somehow, they call me Mayor of Port Harcourt, but I had to Pitakwa because am just a Ceremonial Mayor, there is Hon. Victor Ihunwo.

"Being a comedian means one is responsible for other people’s happiness, you have to tell stories to keep them happy, and as THE MAYOR OF PITAKWA I will be on duty to make sure you stay happy that is why I’m bringing you an event of a lifetime geared to make you happy. It is not just a comedy show but a family show that is packed with clean and classy humor."

He seize the spot to invite the general public, especially comedy lover to his upcoming comedy how in Port Harcourt.

"I will be teaming up with some of the funniest men around the nation on Easter Monday (April the 13th) at the prestigious Aztec Arcum to give you a memorable Easter experience.
This is a big one, a major event for my city and I am seeking your support as much as you can to patronize the brand. This is an announcement, I will drop full details soon and I need you to give me maximum support. Thank you Pitakwa for all the time you have supported me. God bless you."



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