Feb 22, 2020

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Lady shares how she killed snake in her room

A Lady has taken to the social media to share her encounter with a snake in her room in early hour of Saturday.

According to a Facebook post made by Victoria Victor, she stepped on the poisonous creature before before it dawn on her that something serious must be on the floor beside her bed.

In her post she said;
God loves us so much. He protects me even in my sleep
Yesterday I took drugs that made me drowsy the whole day so I was sleeping throughout till this morning at exactly 5:27am I got up to get my fone from the charger cause the took the light
On getting back to me bed I stepped on something slippery so I switched on my Torch lights immediately n saw a snake
Imagine a snake sleeping close to u and ur brother on ur bed omoh I shouted n then my junior brother used an axe to kill it
God's word is true
He that keepth thee neither sleep nor slumber

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