Feb 4, 2020

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'I can never forgive God For taking my both parents' - An Orphan says

A social media User believed to have lost his parents has taken to the platform to pour his annoyance and displeasure towards God for 'taken' his parents.
In his post, Gospel Levi said; "I can never forgive God For taking my both parents , if I may ask what are they even doing for him since then."
His follower on Facebook ask; "You can never forget God? Who do you think you are?what kind of talk is that? And who said God took your parents?" but the man whom seem to be resolute in his post replied; "Will you get the fuck out of my post, who the hell do you think you are to ask me such question , Oh it seams you are now God that gives and take life as he pleases abi."



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