Jan 22, 2020

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Excerpts of Pastor David Ibiyeomie's message on 'The Making Of Abraham' during 5 Nights Of Glory - Day 3

Excerpts of Pastor David Ibiyeomie message on 'The Making Of Abraham' during 5 Nights Of Glory - Day
Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and senior Pastor of the Salvation Ministries 2020 during the third day of the 2020 edition of 5 Nights Of Glory preached on the theme;
"God The Maker Of Man - Part 3" with the topic: "The Making Of Abraham."

Below is the excerpts of his message as captured:

"Every man who follows God is made by God – Matthew 4:19.


1. He was a servant – Psalm 89:20. Your lifting is a product of servant-hood - Mark 10:53-45, Luke 22:27, Philippians 2:5-9. Service is the pathway to greatness.

David's Profile:
a. He was invited to the palace at 16 by the king. 
b. He was a fearless shepherd. 
c. He was a warrior who never lost any battle. 
d. He was a military general. 
e. He was the author of the book of Psalms. 
f. He was a prophet. 
g. He became king at age 30. 

David, despite his achievements served as a doorkeeper in the temple. He served God tirelessly and relentlessly. Your promotion is rooted in your service to God.

2. He was a man of praise - 2 Samuel 6:14-20.
Those who praise God are raised by God. Praise is a weapon of honour put in the hands of the saints to make them live an honourable life.

To see the wondrous hand of God, you must praise Him. To experience the fearful acts of God, you must praise Him.

God is omnipresent but only manifests Himself where He is praised. Praise engages the intervention of God in your favour to make you take delivery of all your blessings.

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3.He was a man of courage - 1 Samuel 17:34-35. 
You need a lion's heart to get a lion's share. Courageous people are never intimidated by challenges - Romans 8:37. 

Courageous people possess the right mentality. You cannot attain great heights thinking and behaving like a failure. God only confirms what you declare. All of God's promises in your life will only become a reality when you are courageous.

The kind of mentality you have determines your level of dignity. Your conversations reveal what you believe; courageous people discuss possibilities, fearful people discuss obstacles.

People will address you based on your self-perception. Refuse to accept any opinions that contradict what God says about you.

Fear and courage are both spirits, the spirit of courage gives you the ability to take bold steps you would not take in the natural - 2nd Timothy 1:7

4. He was generous and sacrificial – 1 Chronicles 29:3. 

The secret of abundance is hidden in giving, while the secret of lack is in miserliness – Luke 6:38.

To be great financially you must be a giver – Proverbs 11:24-25. 
Selfish people do not increase in wealth. Giving is proof that you have conquered greed. Anything you lack is what you have not given; no seed, no harvest."


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