Dec 6, 2019

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Why Port Harcourt entertainment has not improved' - Mikel Nwogu

Mikel Nwogu, has pointed out his opinion on why he think Port Harcourt entertainers are not improving despite numerous event chunk out on weekly bases.

In his recent post, Mikel said:

"Port Harcourt entertainment people have not improved at all. All they do is point their bole sauce stained fingers at government house.

"All they want to do is organise "get together " collect money from vendors "beer and bole sellers" put gate fee and cash out.

"Having attended some of these entertainment Ponzifest, Since everything in Port Harcourt is "fest fest".

"I found out the following:

"1) Port Harcourt people want to have fun

"2) Port Harcourt people want cheap affordable fun

"3) Security is not really the excuse, the excuse is transportation which makes leaving the venue late very very risky. If the event close on time, No issues No matter the location.

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"4) Programming and stage management is not even considered. 30 minutes could waste fiam! No music or anything, for an event I paid 1k, just one person hailing and yabbing his friend on stage.
Don't even talk of comedy I take God beg you.

"5)Port Harcourt Djs that are good are not up to 3.

"If you have seen Consequence or Spinall play a set for 15 mins you would have an idea.

"6)The Local content we support on social media is not what the consumers want. So little impact is felt when you put that same content on stage.

"7)Its the same people running the same events so it's nothing new, sponsors have already known these persons and they come with the same template get some cash, do some social media hype and bolt like Usain.

"If na lie.... Tell me why the biggest artiste to headline an event in the whole Ph this would be Rema/Joeboy?
What happened to Burna boy?" He conclude.


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