Dec 6, 2019

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Neighbourhood Gym Invasion: The Best Fitness and Wellness Platform Opens in Port Harcourt

Neighbourhood Gym Invasion is an empowerment platform where we empower youths through fitness. 

It has been the most efficient and talked about platform when it comes to youthful empowerment through fitness with its favourite quote:

“Making our environment safe from crime is by putting heads together in  working with the youths who have nothing to leave for by engaging them in various activities”

“Matter what you think of your self; their is always more that you can be.” among others.

The core power, energy and strength  of Neighbourhood Gym Invasion is synergy, through well coordinated fitness programs, events and other strategic initiatives all targeting to truly empower and emancipate the youth in the society

Neighborhood Gym Invasion  is a pet project of  Trans-Givers Foundation, which directly targets empowering the youths in our communities by engaging them through fitness and working with the street side gyms. 

Established on the 10th of November 2018, Neighborhood Gym Invasion have been able to sensitize body builders against the use of steroids which could be harmful to the body

According to statistic Neighborhood Gym Invasion have over 2000 body builders on our data base. 

There are various platforms under neighborhood gym invasion which are:

*Neighbor hood invasion fitness center

*Neighbor hood invasion local, zonal, and mega events

*Neighborhood supplementation program

*Neighborhood police hand shake

*Neighborhood gym talk shows (the bar). 

*Neighborhood gym project varietals.
Neighborhood Gym Invasion is a platform that stands out and by 2020, the aim is to tend to be the biggest fitness platform that has ever come out of Africa.

It is a platform that preaches wellness and promote fitness across the globe through the use of our internet platforms.


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