Dec 4, 2019

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30 powerful quotes from Bishop David Oyedepo during #Shiloh2019 - Day 1

Shiloh 2019 kicked off on Tuesday, December 3rd Canaanland, all her satellite Churches and viewing centers across the world.

With "Breaking Limits" as the theme for this year's event. Speaking on the message titled: "UNDERSTANDING FAITH AS THE MASTER KEY TO WORD OF NO LIMITS", we were able to capture 30 powerful quotes from Bishop David Oyedepo:

Read below:
1. Shiloh is not a ground to meet with man but to meet with God.

2. Solutions out of the nations of the world is being delivered right now.

3. Understanding times and seasons is vital in maximising your walk with God.

4.   What you never expect, you can never experience.

5. Every impossible situation will give up now!

6. Every prophetic word you believe and receive, you are empowered to manifest.

7. Faith is a covenant launching pad to our realms of breaking limits.

8. You cannot stand for God and be a loser.

9. Prophets are the conscience of the people.

10. Faith is a force of no limits. 

11. There is no irreversible case with faith.

12. Until your faith fails, your command remains in place.

12. There is no impossible case with faith.

13. You cannot have fear and faith at the same time.

14. Wherever fear is, it is a proof that faith isn't there. You can't have fear and faith at the same time.

15. Faith is the master key to a world of unlimited possibilities.

16. No fear at all equals great faith.

17. Many are struggling because they are operating by appropriated faith.

18. Faith will never deliver except in the hand of the redeemed.

19. If you love wickedness, you hate righteousness.

20. Once saved is not always saved.

21. New birth qualifies our access to Spiritual understanding.

22. Your being here is a proof that God has you in mind and no devil will cheat you out of it.

23. 'It's never late to be right'

24. To make heaven, you must be born again and stay born again.

25. Faith makes you walk in mystery that empowers you to walk in wealth.

 26. Born of God makes faith effectual and effective in your life.

27. New birth is the transformation from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God.

28. Peace is one of the vital ingredient of salvation.

 29. You are waking up in the morning to a brand new world

30. The end has come to every form of torture and torment of fear in your life                


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