Sep 7, 2019

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Radio Presenter, Enoh Ogbevire advises Enjoyment Generation

Radio Presenter, Enoh Egbevire advices Enjoyment Generation
Read what she wrote:

Enjoyment Generation, e take it easy.
I’m just getting afraid of the future for many.
A lot are taken to overeating, dependency on alcohol and sex performance enhancing drugs.
Little or no exercise. Eating preserved food, a canned generation, addicted to substances.
Oh, our fore fathers did this and that and loved to a ripe old age. Uncle, Auntie, your forefathers and foremothers TREKKED long distances regularly . They are healthy food, usually from pot to plate daily. Their bush meat came from the bush, their chickens were free range.

Their vegetables straight from the farms or garden. They knew the source of their food. No canned anything. They did not adulterate products for monetary gains like we see these days. Their fishes didn’t come from polluted waters.

They worked the farms too. Real exercise. They didn’t wake up and hit the fridge or stay up till midnight inside a plate of food with lots of meat and drinks. They even understood rest! Sleeping early to wake to get back to a productive day at work! Now all we have are insomniacs. If it’s not pressing phone or devices, it’s that they are doing vigils. The brain and body do not get enough rest. they worked then ate. And ate healthy too.

My fear for this generation 15-50 is since you are Nigerians and have mastered the art of depending on your children in your old age, you are going to steal Youth from your children when the result of your life style hits. Because many would have squandered  their money through the life they believe they are enjoying now, only to wake up with ailments and no money. Do we even have healthcare in Nigeria? At what price? Many children will abandon their parents after all you made the choices, not them.

It’s another weekend , not everything you see you go put for mouth! Not every parry you go attend.
Watch your health. Many have cars and so they no like to sweat, meanwhile the people who make cars sweat from exercise and gym and swimming as often as they can and they spend hours doing so. But your own is creating health problems for you already!
Think about your lifestyles. Not everything is prayer, common sense is needed.
Thanks for attending my wisdom  health talk.
Now, commit to a healthier life.


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