Aug 20, 2019

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Pastor Kumuyi's Bible Study message titled: An Improper Marriage That Terminated An Important Ministry.

Pastor Kumuyi's Bible Study message titled: An Improper Marriage That Terminated An Important Ministry.

Below is the excerpts of the message preached by the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministries, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi on the message titled: "An Improper Marriage That Terminated An Important Ministry."  The texts was taken from Mark 6:14-29.


As we look into the word of God tonight, we need to know that reading, studying and learning the word will produce positive results when we learn with a purpose, when we are not just learning for learning sake.

Tonight, we are learning about John the Baptist, Herod, Herodias and her daughter, what happened between them and John the Baptist, that made them do what what they did to him.

Before we go into the story, you must know that:
1. You learn to be wise. You take not of what John said and the consequences of his words
2. You learn how to walk in the ways of the Lord
3. You learn to be watchful. Situations similar to John’s could happen to us
4. You learn to weigh your words and actions when talking to people because of the consequences
5. You learn to wait and think through before you speak, even in the church.
6. You learn to withhold rebuke from the scorner when you know your words will not make any impact
7. You learn to withdraw from the wicked.

God will make us all wise by what we learn from the Bible study of tonight (Psalm 19:11; Romans 15:4; Psalm 39:1) Herod was terribly and incomprehensibly wicked and John spoke about it.
Your boss who has the political position and authority has done something wrong. To talk to him privately or otherwise about it, you need the wisdom of God. (Proverbs 9:7,11)

II Timothy 3:5-7. There are people who are religious, traditional but ungodly. Wisdom is required in dealing with such people. They attend the church for years and are not yet born again (Philippians 4:9)

Matthew 7:6. When Jesus was here on earth, He knew about all that Herod had done, but did not say anything about it. But John talked to him and something terrible happened and the impeccable ministry came to an end.


John was a just, justified, forgiven, holy and righteous man, as seen by Herod himself. He heard John preach to:

1. The Message From The Lord:

The message John gave did not originate from him, but has been before him. The message is referred to as enduring one because it has been before, during and after Christ. The message has been constant and enduring.

i) Before Christ: Leviticus 20:21. It is unclean, defiling, and an an abomination and evil for a man to take his brothers wife (ch 18:20; Proverbs 6:27-29,32) Whosoever touches the wife of his neighbour, brother, friend, Co-tenant, landlord and tenant commits an abomination and shall not be innocent.

ii) During Christ: Mark 10:6. A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to a single woman, and they two shall become one flesh. They will be so joined together so that nothing shall be able to separate them.

Luke 16:18. Divorce and remarriage are not approved by the Lord. Such action is seen as adultery before Him.

iii) After Christ Had Come And Gone: Romans 7:2. Anyone whose spouse has died can remarry, but or she is not permitted to remarry as long as the spouse lives. Herodias belonged to Philip, Herod should not have taken her. Every couple remain together till death.

2. His Manner Of Life. Mark 6:20.

John was holy, righteous, just and forgiven. He was not indulging in any secret or uncommon sin, or unrighteous lifestyle. Herod even heard John preach to him gladly.

The testimony of Jesus concerning John (John 5:33) John was a bright and shining light. That is how every preacher should be. He was a faithful witness of Christ. He was fervent in enlightening the people. He never wobbled or compromised with the Pharisees and religious leaders, with evil, tradition, evil religion, false worship, and elders of the traditional religion.
3. His Motive In Life. Luke 1:15-17

He turned many sinners to the Lord. He preached the word to convince, convict and convert the people. He did not wine and dine with sinners. His attitude and ability were just like that of Elijah.
Matthew 21:32. John’s life, ministry, motive and outlook emphasized righteousness. The publicans and harlots believed on his preaching.

He also preached redemption. John 1:29. John pointed Christ to all the people as the Saviour of the whole world (ch 3:27-30).

Herod eventually killed John and you assume Herod succeeded in cutting short his life, dream and goal, and destination (Acts 13:24) But John fulfilled his ministry before he left the world by preaching to all the people of Israel. He did all that he should have done.


The wickedness done here was carried out when John called the attention of Herod that it was not right for him to have his brother’s wife. John gave the message and there was no trembling, he was picked up and locked up in prison.

On the part of Herod, there was:
1. No fear of God
2. No respect for society
3. No value on human life
4. No thought of future judgment
5. No consideration for right thinking guests.
6. Herod and Herodias had no control over their passions.
7. No conscience for right or wrong.

1. Herod's Hateful, Revengeful Passion. Mark 6:21,26-27:

Herodias has been waiting for an opportunity of revenge on John. So, on Herod’s birthday, Herodia’s daughter danced so well that her father told her to ask for whatsoever, even to the half of his kingdom. The daughter went to ask her mother what she should request for and she told her, the head of John the Baptist in order to take revenge on her. she far can hatred, wickedness and animosity can go!

The king was sorry but he still went ahead to do what he wanted to do. He could not go back on his word in the presence of the people. Whenever you make any oath and you know that it is evil and dangerous to other people's lives, repent of, and go back on your word. Do not say, I am a man of my word. Repent of every sinfulness.
Proverbs 15:12. Herod had been angry and offended since John told him the truth.

2. Herodias' Hostile, Retaliatory Pursuit. Mark 6:19

Herodias had a quarrel against John. What quarrel, hateful and retaliatory thing do you have in your heart against the preacher of righteousness? She would have killed him to stop John who had a ministry to the whole nation. Though she could not at that time (Romans 14:12) Remember that everyone of us shall give account of himself to God (Ecclesiastes 12:14) God shall bring every work, action, every secret thing, plot, plan and conspiracy into judgement (Job 31:14)

3. Her (Herodias’ daughter), Repulsive Perversion Mark 6:22-25

Like mother, like daughter. Herodias' daughter shared in the hatred and hostility towards John the Baptist. She asked her mother what she should request for. Her mother told her to request for the
Jeremiah 18:13. Judgment comes upon the young and the old.

Ezekiel 22:14. Who can endure on the day of God's judgement? Can their
Isaiah 13:9. God will cause the arrogance of the.... to cease... He will
Ecclesiastes 11:9. Rejoice O man and woman in thine youths. If you want to dance, gamble, etc. note that God will bring all actions to judgment.

The disciples took the body of John the Baptist, dug the earth, put the body there and buried it. Why was the body consigned to the earth? Scientists tell us what the Bible already told us that the 16 elements we find in the body we also find in the soil. So, the major part of the body of man is dust and water. So when thebody is dead, it goes back to the dust where it came from (Ecclesiastes 12:7) the dust returns to the dust. Man has a soul and spirit. The spirit and souls are not buried, just the body, and the spirit is of God.

Matthew 3:21. The animals' bodies and all will go down to the ground.

Job 34:14-15; Acts 7:59; 8:2. The body of man goes to the ground while the spirit goes to God and there will be judgment (Hebrews 9:27; Daniel 12:2-3) John the baptist turned many to righteousness, and he will shine forever and ever, whereas, Herod, Herodias and her daughter who were evil and wicked, when they died, will rise to everlasting contempt and shame.

Revelation 20:11-15. When someone dies, the body goes to the grave and the is spirit goes to hell if he is not a Christian. On the day of reckoning, his spirit and body join together to face the final judgment. Every man will be judged according to their works, after which the unrighteous will be thrown into hell fire. To escape judgment, you must be born again, you must turn away from sin and come to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. But if you are a compromiser in your office, at home, everywhere, you cannot stand for the truth or your salvation.

If you are a backslider, and a corrupter of other people, the final day will come and whosoever was not found written in the Book of life are thrown into the lake of fire.

But children of God who are overcomers, who abide and remain till the coming of Christ, heaven is their place of rest (Revelation 2:7) If you have done any evil, this is the time to repent and turn fully to the Lord.

Written by:Kemisola Omoyiola